40 Years

Of experience at the service of our customers

From analysing requirements to proposing solutions, our team places the interests of our customers at the heart of their everyday actions. We devote all our resources and expertise to the creation of long-term relationships by supporting the success of our customers’ projects. We perform a critical analysis of the situation in order for such development to withstand changes in the environment.

With the aim to offer increasingly diversified services to our customers and the benefit of our established trustworthiness, under the impetus of the second generation of directors, Radices has committed to partnerships to complement its services and geographic and increase our ability to customize our solutions.

Jean Martin Stoffel

Managing Partner

Radices Financial Services

Our Philosophy


We bring a constant and scrupulous attention to the execution of the missions which are entrusted to us by our customers.


Our organisation rallies the resources and skills required to act instantly to meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible.


We guarantee our clients services that comply with the laws in force, as well as with the rules of morals and ethics.


From the very start, our corporate approach is oriented towards a high-quality level of service, each mission being rigorously implemented and demonstrating an unwavering drive for efficiency on behalf of our customers.

Sarah Lobo


Customised Services

Our Solutions

Are based on an analysis of requirements that allows us to identify precisely the specific solutIons to offer our customers

A single POINT OF CONTACT FOR YOUR endeavours

Our services are aimed at all types of investors (family, entrepreneurial, institutional) and offer recognised added value for promoters, particularly in the context of sophisticated funds that require a tailored approach.

Customised services

Our solutions are based on requirement analysis that allows us to identify precisely the specific solutions to offer our customers. Thus we make it possible for our customers (promoters and asset managers) to unburden themselves of administrative constraints and focus on asset management, business creation, customer relationships and other activities that form their core business.


Our location in Luxembourg provides us with privileged access to European and international financial markets. We can therefore provide our customers with an environment that is particularly favourable to investment.

Luxembourg is listed as one of the leading financial centres in Europe. Its economic, legal and fiscal stability is exemplary, which makes it one of the few countries in the world with an AAA rating from every major rating agency. The country’s stability is based on an economic growth that is above average in the Eurozone, the diversification of the stock exchange and the international nature of the financial centre.

A European financial hub

The presence of key European capital market infrastructures in the country allows Luxembourg to connect international investors with Europe and European investors with the rest of the world.

The investment funds present in Luxembourg cover more than 70 countries around the world. The Grand-Duchy is therefore particularly attractive for international stakeholders who want to invest in Europe. It provides them with access to funds invested in shares and sovereign and corporate bonds issued in Europe.

Conformity with the CSSF

Our Services

We accompany our customers in their investment venture and guide them to the best solution

Conformity with the CSSF

Radices Financial Services S.A. operates under the prudential supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). We are licensed with the following authorisations:

  • Administrative agent of the financial sector;
  • Client communication agent;
  • Registrar agent;
  • Corporate domiciliation agent;
  • Professional providing company incorporation and management services;
  • Family office;

Our services

At Radices, we service both regulated and unregulated entities which may be closed or open ended, as well as corporate structures. Our specialty lies in Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Debt vehicles, Co-investment Vehicles, Securitisation Vehicles as well as Management Companies.

We cover corporate services including the calculation of net asset value, Regulatory and Financial reporting, Registrar and transfer agency services, Investor Communication, Capital calls and distributions, tax and statutory compliance, domiciliation services, independent directorships as well as general administration. Radices also assists with the onboarding of funds, and complete coordination with legal counsels, CSSF, custodians and other advisors.

We maintain the same standards of quality in order to ensure the best solutions and services to our customers.

Corporate services

We offer a comprehensive package to our customers, accompanying them in their investment venture and guiding them towards the best outcome. Our services cover:

  • Guidance on products and strategies in Luxembourg and abroad, including an analysis of risks and opportunities;
  • Determination of the impact of international agreements;
  • Coordination and set-up of the Luxembourg structure, including assessment of the shareholders’ needs, and coordination with the professionals in Luxembourg;
  • Support in the set-up of foreign-based entities;
  • Legal and regulatory filings, publications and reporting;
  • Preparation of annual accounts for regulated funds and unregulated investment vehicles;
  • Safe-keeping of corporate documents, including regular reviews to ensure complete corporate records;
  • Preparation and organisation of notarial deeds and corporate acts as well as secretarial support to maintain minutes of meetings;

We additionally monitor the entities and structures over their life-time in order to ensure their compliance with a changing regulatory environment.

Transfer agent & Investor services

Radices provides comprehensive Transfer Agency and Investor Relations Services through complete maintenance of Shareholders’ registers.

We organise capital calls and distributions/subscriptions and redemptions, as well as the transfer of interest, and take care of communications to investors, responding to investor queries and processing all investor transactions.

We tailor Investor Reports to the needs of our clients, in line with industry standards and market practice.

Radices also conducts initial as well as ongoing investor screening and due diligence, and constantly monitors compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in force.

Our services cover:

  • Maintenance of shareholders’ register for open and closed ended entities; processing of all transactions;
  • Client due diligence;
  • KYC/AML screening in accordance with Luxembourg law;
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting;
  • Common Reporting Standard (CRS) reporting;

Accounting services

We provide accounting services to Luxembourg-based companies, as well as to entities located in other jurisdictions through our network. We are flexible in our approach, and in the case that we are not present in a given area, we partner with a correspondent that shares the same values as ours.

  • Accounting in accordance with Lux GAAP;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements;
  • Calculation of net asset value in accordance with the request of the customer;
  • Financial and regulatory reporting in accordance with Luxembourg law;
  • Preparation and filing of tax return as well as VAT returns;
  • Advice and coordination on taxation issues;

We have developed specialised knowledge in organizing and coordinating complex transactions such as investment closings, as well as meticulous follow-up of private equity structures.

Other services

Based on our experience, an exhaustive list of services is difficult to maintain. We have had a variety of requests from our customers to monitor a variety of services, to investigate the framework and circumstances and to work on tailoring solutions.